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      "As soon as you open the parcel, the amazing smell hits you, and it's not one of those 'woah calm down on the synthetics' kind of smells, it's one of those 'wow, this is quality!' type smells. You know the ones, subtle, earthy and expensive, similar to when you walk into an Aesop shop. And to top it off, its pretty darn good at polishing up the old birthday suit as well. Will definitely be buying more."

      Neil, Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar

      "Amazing multi-use product! Have been using this daily as a lip balm and also all over body balm."

      Joanna, Skin Salve-ation

      "The bi carb free deodorant is a game changer - having tried so many this one is by far the best."

      Catherine, Carb-Free Deodorant

      "My husband is a dirty, sweaty builder this EVEN works on him. The first natural deodorant I have found that actually works. Thank you so much!"

      Nina, Deodorant

      "Biode deodorant is the first product to actually get the job done consistently and without white spots or stains. I will never buy anything else!"

      Bodhi, Deodorant

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        Autonomously Responsible

        Autonomously Responsible

        We recognise that the war on waste will not improve until we become autonomously responsible for our individual impact on this earth. The global beauty industry created 120 billion units of packaging 2018 alone, much of which was single-use plastic. That's a LOT of non-biodegradable material being added to landfills.

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        From the Earth. To the Earth.

        From the Earth. To the Earth.

        All of our products are designed to return to the earth with as little or no impact on our planet as possible. We believe less is more so we have designed high quality body care products for your every day needs.

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        • October 23, 2020 The Power of Natural Ingredients
          The Power of Natural Ingredients

          A simple reminder that Mother Nature has our back if we are willing to trust learn and choose wisely.

          We know the incredible power of Mother Nature. And yet, most of us have spent years of our lives and hundreds of dollars buying skin and beauty products full of synthetic ingredients that are cheap and at best, useless to your skin and at worst, potentially harmful. Why? Do we not trust natural ingredients to deliver a much better result for our skin?

        • July 16, 2020 2040 - A film of hope for our future
          2040 - A film of hope for our future

          In the documentary feature film 2040, director Damon Gameau embarks on a journey to explore the potential future of his daughter, 4 year old Velvet.

          In the film he imagines what this future could look like if we embraced the best possible solutions for our planet, solutions that have already been developed and are readily available to us. The film is a visual diary, a love letter to his daughter and it feels personal, genuine and inspiring. 

        • June 05, 2020 Home Composting – A super easy guide
          Home Composting – A super easy guide

          Think composting is a good idea but seems too complicated? Too smelly?  Too icky? Can’t do it in an apartment? Don’t have a backyard? Don't fear!

          We can show you how to harness the power of composting,  turning your organic waste into super nutritious, delicious soil for your garden and along the way, minimise a significant amount of the waste your household produces. 

        • June 05, 2020 Hello! We are Biode® (pronounced by-oh-dee )
          Hello! We are Biode® (pronounced by-oh-dee )

          We are very excited to be launching on World Environment Day - 5th of June 2020.

          Our mission is to bring to the world effective 100% natural, organic and sustainable skincare solutions with packaging that is home-compostable, allowing consumers to be autonomously responsible for their own waste.

        1,716 Trees Planted
        That's 3432 Units Reduced Landfill
        That's 63492 KGs of Paper
        That's 1,716 Homes For Wildlife