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About Us

Brand Inspiration

Biode® was created by Vanessa Gray Lyndon, an award-winning natural and organic skincare formulator and manufacturer with 20 years of experience.

Vanessa realised the huge impact the beauty and skincare industry was having on our planet and the need for a sustainable solution.

After much research and testing she went one step further and created a 100% home compostable brand using 100% natural & organic ingredients. 

“I wanted this brand to be something the customer could become autonomously responsible for, so that we can drive the change we so desperately want to see.”

-Vanessa Gray Lyndon

At the same time, Vanessa was challenged by her friend (and now business partner) Nic, to really get to the bottom of effective deodorants. Nic has an auto-immune disease and realised the impact synthetic ingredients were having on her endocrine system. Knowing all the health benefits of natural deodorant and after trying all versions on the market Nic could not find one that actually worked. 

Over the next 18 months, many formulations and hours of research later, Vanessa realised these two challenges had one solution.

And so Biode® was born.


Biode 100% Home Compostable Body Care

 Our Products 

All of our products are designed to return to the earth with as little or no impact on our planet as possible. Our high quality body care basics have been thoughtfully designed to suit your everyday needs. 

 •  100% Natural and Organic Ingredients

•.  100% Home Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging

•   Gender Neutral Scents

•   Australian Made and Owned

•   Tried & Trusted Formulations

•   Multi-purpose Products

•   Synthetic and Toxin-free

•   Ethically Manufactured

•   Not Tested on Animals

•   Vegan