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To the Earth

Helping You Be More Responsible

It's hard to know how to be more responsible with the products we use, even if we are motivated to make a conscious choice. That's why our entire range of bodycare and skincare products are 100% Natural, Vegan, and Plastic free. This means you can use them guilt free, knowing that you are not contributing to the growing problem with plastic that ends up in landfill, or worse... polluting our oceans.

Our mission is to untrash the planet and make it easy for people make a conscious, environmental choice. We do that by using only home compostable packaging, as well as reducing the amount of water we're shipping in our products.

Did you know that 1 bar of shampoo is equivalent to 3 bottles of shampoo? Most shampoos and conditioners are over 60% water, so not only does our shampoo bars help your bank account by giving you 3 times as many washes, they use less fossil fuels being shipped around!

Our 'Return to Earth' brand ethos is our commitment that our products can gently return to the earth, which is where our 100% Natural ingredients came from in the first place.


Return to Earth™

Biode is a purpose driven company that believes we can collectively make a positive impact on our environment. We are more than a bodycare or skincare company; we are driven by a desire to give back to Earth more than we have taken, and to encourage others to join us on this journey.

Biode packaging is home-compostable, and printed with non-toxic vegetable inks, allowing you to return it to the earth where it will biodegrade within approximately 12-20 weeks.  

Not sure how to compost?  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will be with you each step of the way.  We’re in this beautiful world together.


One Tree Planted For Every Order

Our packaging is made from paper (and in many cases it is already post consumer waste/recycled), or cornstarch for our post bags and soap/bar bags.  

For every order we will plant a tree to return the favour to mother nature.  That tree once grown will replace the resources used for the packaging in your order many thousands of times over.

We recognise the impact our brand’s vision and life cycle will have on the planet by choosing paper over plastic (no cheeky polypropylene linings to be found here thank you!) and we want to inspire other companies to follow suit.  

We believe that together our choices can make a difference.

Our Tree Planting Partners

We have partnered with, an amazing non-profit environmental charity that plants forests around the world. They are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees!  In 2019, they planted over 4 million trees , and at Biode® we want to help them do more!  

Put simply, we plant trees to Return to Earth™ what we take, and to support this vast ecosystem we call home. The ecosystem that is responsible for filtering our air and water, and providing a home to our beautiful terrestrial biodiversity.

Forests provide jobs, absorb nasty pollutant gases and are the key ingredients in over 25% of our medicines (including Aspirin, which comes from the bark of a tree!). Hurrah! Trees are our ecological lifeline. We just love trees.