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The Biode® Life Cycle


The Biode Lifecycle

From the Earth.

We believe that the products you use on your body every day should make a true difference in your wellbeing and support your health, while also supporting the health and wellbeing of our planet. So that everything good you are doing for yourself will also be doing good for Mother Earth and her skin's layers.

We create body care because we believe these products deserve to be the first thought - not an afterthought. We obsessively research our ingredients and only use natural, clean, effective, and high-quality ingredients that your body can actually use and Mother Nature can easily digest.

Biode® packaging is made from 100% post consumer-waste papers and printed with vegetable-based inks, making it home-compostable. All of our packaging is designed to Return to Earth™ where it will biodegrade over approximately 12-20 weeks.

The products we have created are daily necessities so that by the time you are ready to repurchase, Mother Nature has absorbed the packaging.

*Our biodegradable time is approximately 12-20 weeks, which is approximately how long your product would last per person with daily use.


Biode 100% Natural and Home Compostable Body Care Earth Layers

Clean Beauty That Performs

Mother Nature has provided us with every ingredient we need to care for our body. From rich, hydrating butters and oils, to dynamic plant extracts, to beautifully fragranced essential oils, our products take advantage of the gorgeous bounty provided by Mother Earth.

No parabens
No phthalates
No sulfates
No silicones
No petro-chemicals
No synthetic fragrances
No synthetic dyes

We like facts and we enjoy sharing them. Learn about our highly researched and proven ingredients in our comprehensive Ingredient Glossary.