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Article: Introducing Biomenities: Helping one of the World’s Top Spas Eliminate Single Use Plastics

Introducing Biomenities: Helping one of the World’s Top Spas Eliminate Single Use Plastics

Introducing Biomenities: Helping one of the World’s Top Spas Eliminate Single Use Plastics

Those little shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles in hotels - I mean, we know those must add up, right? Yes, they certainly do. Research shows that about 95% of the plastic used in a hotel room ends up in landfill.

The top 300 hotels groups in the world alone dispose of an estimated 5.5 billion amenity bottles and caps every year. Hotel amenities are often overlooked as a source of waste because, well, we’re on holidays. It’s nice not to have to pack huge amounts of toiletries, it feels luxurious, and it also feels like its free. Unfortunately, the cost comes later. From miniature toiletries to daily room cleaning services, these seemingly small luxuries can have a significant ecological footprint.

The move towards eco-friendly alternatives is gaining traction among environmentally conscious hotels, reducing the impact on our oceans and landfills and of course, Biode knew we needed to be a part of that.

Helping Gwinganna Lower Their Waste Footprint

We were approached by the exquisite Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (winner of so many awards that it is hard to pick one, but we’ll go with World Luxury Eco Spa Winner 2023) to help them reduce their amenity waste without compromising at all on the quality of the skincare provided to their guests. Gwinganna, situated in the mountains above the Tallebudgera Valley, is a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness and has the highest quality standards when it comes to looking after the health of their guests. Their commitment is to all natural ingredients and keeping people in harmony with the natural world in a way that heals and fosters energy and calmness. Gwinganna wanted something more than traditional disposable amenities for their guests, they wanted bio - amenities: natural, recycled, reusable and refillable, and more than that, they wanted the best natural care products available in Australia. 

And so Biode’s Biomenities range was born. Five beautiful hair and skincare products created using only the purest, high quality, high-dose natural ingredients and nothing toxic or environmentally problematic. Scented with essential oils that also care for your skin and hair and using only natural preservative systems, these products clean and nourish and then return to earth without upsetting the natural balance of your skin’s ecosystem or the environment’s. These are in post-consumer waste recycled bottles that can refilled and also be recycled again at the end of their, hopefully, long lives. For our hotel, restaurant, and Airbnb partners we have a bulk reusable refill system, and for our personal customers, we have biodegradable refill pouches (coming soon!). 

Reducing Single Use Plastics | Case Study

Gwinganna and Biomenities Case Study

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat worked with our master formulator Vanessa Gray Lyndon to develop white label Biomenities for use in their world renowned spa.

After winning Eco Spa of the Year in 2023, they realised it was time to get rid of single use plastics in their 5 star accommodation and come up with a more sustainable alternative. Using our forever bottles made out of post-consumer recycled plastic, coupled with the Biomenities refill system, Gwinganna is taking active steps toward circularity.

Biode worked with Gwinganna to create bespoke scents and labelling that reflect the simple elegance of their retreat while creating a luxurious experience for their guests.

The Biode Biomenities Range

The Biode Biomenities range are available now, whether you want them in your home, workplace or a hotel chain. 

Into the Sunset Shampoo

Natural coconut-based cleansers, enriched with Vitamin E and Sunflower seed oil, cleans but never strips your hair and is protective for bleached or coloured hair. Essential oils of Cedarwood, Wild Orange, Patchouli, Vetiver, Rosemary, Lavender and Peru Balsam not only relax the mind, but add shine and protect against hair loss and damage.

Into the Earth Conditioner

A creamy conditioner for all hair types enriched with coconut oil and Vitamin E and harnessing the protective powers of Burdock and Nettle roots. Essentials oils of Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Lavender are not only sensual and relaxing, but are chosen for their abilities to improve hair texture and prevent breakage.

Into the Woods Hand Wash

Washing your hands should feel protective and nourishing and this coconut and sunflower oil-based cleanser does that perfectly. Scented with Petitgrain, Spearmint, Juniper Berry, Cardamom, Peru Balsam and Lemon Tea Tree essential oils, the wash not only invigorates the senses but is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. The ingredients are gentle enough for repeated use but strong enough to keep germs at bay.

Into the Ocean Body Wash

A gently revitalising body wash for showers or baths that uses natural cleansers derived from coconut to clean and protect the skin. Essential oils of Wild Sage, Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Clove are chosen for their antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties but are also known for their aromatherapeutic abilities to both calm the mind and energize the body. 

Into the Clouds Body Lotion

 A silky body lotion enriched with olive, sunflower and coconut oils, and shea butter this lotion protects the skin barrier from the elements, holding in moisture and keeping the skin strong. May Chang, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Lavender and Rosemary create a scent that is known to reduce feelings of stress and clear negative emotions, but also increase circulation to the skin and encourage collagen production.

Making Sustainability the Obvious (and Affordable) Choice

Plantmade Refill Pouches from Biode

 With the introduction of our Plantmade® Refill Pouches in 2024, we will offer significant savings to all customers who subscribe to our Biomenities range, to create a strong incentive to make sustainable choices with their everyday products. 

This subscription service will include free replacements of any faulty pumps, and replacement labels to keep the Biomenities looking pristine. 

This commitment to ‘fixing’ rather than replacing is a strong signal to our customers, competitors and the greater market that sustainability should be the baseline as we make a concerted push toward regeneration.

We are so excited that a world-renowned wellness centre such as Gwinganna is debuting this range for all of their guests. Leading the way in low-waste amenities and embracing all-natural, environmental sound ingredients. We are equally enthusiastic about sharing these new products with our customers. We know you will love them because Biode cares about the environment but believes that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on highly effective skincare. We believe that natural ingredients are better for protecting, healing and nourishing than anything created in a lab. 

You can find our Biomenities range on the website now. We know you will love them.



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Introducing Biomenities: Helping one of the World’s Top Spas Eliminate Single Use Plastics

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