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Nick S., Deodorant.

“I was given this deodorant by a friend at work, and I was skeptical.  I am a full-on, gym obsessed, sweaty man - no way that a natural deodorant was going to cut it. I swear it does.  I smell better after I work out.  I don’t know how, but this works!  TRY IT!” Continue reading

Neil, Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar

"As soon as you open the parcel, the amazing smell hits you, and it's not one of those 'woah calm down on the synthetics' kind of smells, it's one of those 'wow, this is quality!' type smells. You know the ones, subtle, earthy and expensive, similar to when you walk into an Aesop shop. And to top it off, its pretty darn good at polishing up the old birthday suit as well. Will definitely be buying more." Continue reading

Nina, Deodorant

"My husband is a dirty, sweaty builder this EVEN works on him. The first natural deodorant I have found that actually works. Thank you so much!"

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Bodhi, Deodorant

"Biode deodorant is the first product to actually get the job done consistently and without white spots or stains. I will never buy anything else!"

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