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Our Products

100% Natural

Check the ingredient listings- you’ll find nothing but truly natural and bio-available ingredients in our products. Nothing synthetic; every formula is literally from the earth.

Our scents are crafted exclusively from pure essential oils, rather than synthetic fragrances.



No animal products in any of our formulas.


Cruelty Free

None of our ingredients or products has ever been tested on animals (besides ourselves and fellow humans…) 


Plastic Free

Single use plastic accounts for over half of the world's plastic waste. This is material that is clogging up landfills and preventing organic waste from decomposing properly. Beauty, cosmetics and skincare are among the worst offenders in this category, so we've made a conscious commitment to using NO plastic in our packaging. 

This means our soaps come in biodegradable cornstarch baggies, rather than polypropylene-lined boxes. This also means that through use, the natural oils from our products may show through the cardboard tubes a little. Rest assured you're not losing any product as a result of this, and you won't lose any sleep either, knowing you're taking such good care of our earth. 


Multi-Use & Minimalist 

Simplicity is beautiful, less is more – we all know the tropes. But they’re true! Buying a new product for every little personal care and hygiene need is expensive, clutters our bathroom counters and shower shelves, is wasteful (how many products get tossed half full because they’ve been replaced or expired?) and most importantly, uneccessary.

The truth is that a lot of these products are essentially the same thing just marketed differently. At Biode®, we’re all about transparency and sustainability, so we’ve designed an aesthetically and functionally minimalistic range.


- Use the Face Bar as a cleanser or shaving soap.

- Use Salve-ation for basically everything - cracked and dehydrated skin all over the body, rashes, dry cuticles, nappy rash, weather-worn skin- the list goes on!

- Use the Cleansing Bar as a hand cleanser on the sink and/or a body wash in the shower. Gentle enough for skin of all ages.

- Use the Deodorants as natural fragrance.



Our products are gently scented with pure essential oils without gender in mind. Fresh, natural fragrance is for every body.


Zero Waste 

From production to manufacturing to shipping to use, our goal is to leave nothing behind with our range expect clean, nice smelling bodies. Use up every last bit of your balms and bars and watch the packaging disappear in your home compost.